Initial poll results are in!

by Nobody Fails VC

The Numbers: Results from our grading system poll The Info: 370 Responses as of April 10 7:00PM EST Barriers in descending order: Mental Health Struggles, Family Issues, Voicelessness, Other Responsibilities, Immunocompromised Loved Ones, Financial Insecurity, Time Zone, Lacking Relief Technology, Immunocompromised Self, Food Insecurity, Water Insecurity Class Percentages: 2023 28.9%, 2022 25.6%, 2021 24.3%, 2020 21.3% First Choice: Double A 64.2%, Universal Pass 18.7%, NRO (No Fail) 12.8%, Current NRO (4.3%) Second Choice: Universal Pass 46.9%, NRO (No Fail) 26.6%, Double A 18.4%, Current NRO (8.2%)